Purchase of 41 Jessica Road, Peeramon

Ken Richardson & Ruth Herra , 26 Jul 2017

Excellent negotiator for both buyer and seller 

My wife and I arrived in Queensland (from Ireland and England) on permanent residence visas and were like 'fish out of water' on Australian customs and procedures. We found employment first and then sought for a permanent place to live - this was when Simon Heaney and Nichole Duane of Yungaburra - Tinaroo - Realty came into our lives. They patiently explained the procedures, best practices, helpful recommendations and useful advice not only on land / house purchase issues but also on a wide range of subjects that helped us to settle in Queensland: although being primarily business agents, they soon became friends. Whilst not losing sight of their obligations to the seller, they listened to our reasoning for making a lower offer on a piece of land. After consideration, they felt that the offer was justified and put it forward to the seller, after which an amicable agreement was achieved. There then followed some frustration for the seller as we were still waiting for the proceeds of a house sale in the UK to come through. I mention this because the person(s) bearing the strain of this situation was Simon and Nichole for it was they that maintained the momentum and information sharing between us. We found Simon and Nichole to be attentive, interested and welcoming whenever we phoned, e-mailed or called-in personally at their office; often without prior notice. They were professionally, business like but also promoted the appropriate degree of 'excitement' that surely must be part of the buying / selling process. We would recommend them.... Ken & Ruth Richardson